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Realize in few clics dynamicals 2D Barcodes Pixinkod and QR Codes with online shop
Set up your free personal account to create your “turnkey” Pixinkods and QR Codes with just a few clicks.
Produce, manage and insure a follow-up throughout the world.
The 2D barcode Pixinkod is the unique promise of your visual identity at the forefront.

Online shop

Integrated Process

From a private individual to a professional edition, the Pixinkod creation process facilitates and becomes an integral part of your print or digital launch schedule. Whether it’s in direct circuit, in retail, or in a collaborative process, the offline-online link becomes child’s play.

Total Availability

The Pixinkod mobile marketing platform is a Web Application without installation or downloading.

The Pixinkod Web Application operates under personal sessions. Connect from all kinds of internet-connected devices.

At the office, on the road or at home, connect from a station, a laptop or on the free mobile application "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" on a touch-screen tablet or a Smartphone.

Securely access your Web- or mobile-version Manager tool at any time, anywhere.

Dynamic Management

Communication project schedules constantly evolve to be modified and improved.

Pixinkod offers solutions to accompany your changes:

Modify your Pixinkod logos up to the last minute of your campaign pre-launch.

Launch your printed mock-ups in advance and independently "in mock link". The rerouting links can be finalized afterwards, depending on the scheduling load.

Modify the logos of your Pixinkods in the middle of the campaign, reassured that the precedence of your Pixinkods, which have already been edited, is respected, and which will point to the latest updated contents.

Dynamically modify the contained links in your Pixinkods from the campaign in progress.

Qualitatively test your rerouting using the tools included in the Web Application.

Activate or deactivate your Pixinkods in 1 click during specific planned events like special offers, trade shows and exhibitions.

Your 2D codes are no longer short-lived, but rather, permanent and recyclable.

Statistics in real time

The Pixinkod online mobile marketing platform offers an extended marketing analysis tool box corresponding to the service package associated with the Pixinkod.

Consult the statistical indicators and analyze your audiences from any kind of internet-connected device in real time.

Check your indicators with the tip of your finger on all kinds of touch-screen devices.

Manage your Pixinkods individually or by group for your product ranges. 

Analyze the linked scans and the actions to better understand your audiences and offer contents that is always more adapted and targeted to your audience.

Professional Pixinkods have additional functions available such as geolocation, in addition to the extended statistical indicators, to go even further.

Pre-production Simulator

During the construction phase of a Pixinkod, it is possible to produce previews.

This visual simulation offers you a mock-up to be able to immediately evaluate your draft.
Decide in an instant to rework your original logos upstream, before the actual production start-up, for an optimal result.

A true provisional tool to help in decision-making,  the preview allows you to not use up the final creations included in your service offer.

Multi-directional Online Tag

The rerouting links of Pixinkods are modifiable in real time and allow for the creation of different actions for the users.

The collection of service packages, excluding special offers, gives access to a wide span of identical scopes of activity such as:

Type of output
Social networks
Drive to Store
Online files
Mobile applications
Multi links Pixinkod 2D Barcode Example

Adapted Output Formats

The Pixinkod mobile marketing platform offers two kinds of output formats for your Pixinkods. Download your PDF files and JPEG images from the Manager tool without limit.

No Training

No training is required to understand the operation of the Pixinkod online mobile marketing platform. The important steps are done in a procedural manner and will bring the undertaken actions to completion.

Create an account for free and construct a Pixinkod in a few minutes by following these steps:

1. Upload the logo
2. Copy and paste the link
3. Download your Pixinkod


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