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Pixinkod Barcode And QRCode Reader mobile Application
The free "Pixinkod Barcode and QRcode Reader" mobile app lets you scan all 2D and 1D Barcodes on iPhone, iPad and Android. Reveal the contents behind all 2D Codes easily.

The complete 2D Barcode scanner

Download the app to scan Pixinkods for free :
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Cross Platform

Keykod SAS offers free mobile app, compatible with tablets and smartphones for iPhone, iPad and Android. Take full advantage of the Pixinkod experience on all your screens and at any time.

The Pixinkod Scanner - where and when you need it.

"All in-one" Multi-purpose App

The "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" app is multi-format. It is possible to use the same app for the Pixinkod and for all the usual codes.

In addition to the new  Pixinkod ultra-graphic format, the app recognize the QR Code, Datamatrix, Aztec code, PDF 417, but also the UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, code 39, code 93, code 128, Codabar, ITF, RSS-14 and RSS-Expanded formats.

The Pixinkod Scanner - assists you for all activities.

Simplicity, efficiency and rapidity

Start up the "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" app and then aim at the code. Place it in the center of the crosshairs and let the scanner take action.

The Pixinkod Scanner takes care of recognizing the code format and offers you the unscrambled link to follow. Validate it and discover.

The Pixinkod Scanner - an easy-to-use and powerful tool.

Browsing History and Integrated Information Sharing

All of the storage functions of the app are accessible from the menu.
Pixinkod Barcode and QR Code Reader mobile Application menu
Find the logos of the scanned Pixinkods in the sharing section. This offers the possibility of having them scanned from your Smartphone by another Smartphone / tablet or sharing them directly over social networks.

Save time with the browsing history of the scanned links to see the contents once or several times and then suggest them to all of your friends. Manage the deletion of the individual links and save only those useful to you. 

The Pixinkod Scanner - managing at the tip of your finger.

100% Connected

From the “Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader” mobile app, directly access your customer account on your tablet or Smartphone through the connection section.

Choose the Web or mobile version in the Manager tool.

Identify yourself and, with the tip of your finger, manage your Pixinkod fleet to carry out all the operations on the contents. Consult your statistics in real time when away from the office, at a trade fair or show. 

The Pixinkod Scanner - designed for mobility.


The "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" also offers an offline management mode for areas where mobile coverage is difficult (Parking garages, underground train stations, etc.).
Store Pixinkod and synchronize your scans once the network reception conditions become satisfactory. The app takes care of finding your contents. 
Pixinkod Barcode and QR Code Reader mobile application synchronization
The Pixinkod Scanner - present when you need it.


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