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Invent unique mobile experiences for your clients with the first unified management platform dedicated to multi format 2D codes.

One global platform, one global mobile marketing tool to manage your Pixinkods and custom QR codes.

Flexible and simple, the online shop lets you independently create and manage, with just a few clicks, the ultra graphic 2D Pixinkod codes and free custom QR codes in one complete environment.

Create your free account now and be inspired !

Pixinkod example including brand identity

Pixinkod, the 2D codes specialist

Pixinkod, the visual 2D code that changes everything.

Be different using Pixinkod the format dedicated to visual communication integrating your brand and for the first time links your visual identity to your creative community.

Using the online tools, to generate your personalized flashcode in relation to all your campaigns and your online contents.

Over is the era of identical 2D codes, let’s head towards originality and creativity.

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Set sail for creativity with Pixinkod 2D Barcode
2D Barcode Power of picture diaporama

Visual power at the service of 2D codes

Offers your brand an unfair advantage by a maximal image size.

You have a logo available ? A high resolution image ? Pixinkod captures all JPEG files up to ultra high definition where other 2D codes remain limited as to the maximal size of image.

Put your visual messages at the center of your mobile marketing campaigns. Make your ultra graphic 2D code become your brand forefront ambassador.

Multi links : Call users to Action

Whatever the subscription formula, with one Pixinkod, you can include, in a few clicks, as many redirections as you want to your 2D codes for a year with no restrictions.

Offer contents choice to users about your digital world, thanks to multi-links.

Invite them to act in a more pertinent interactive exchange.

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2D Barcode Dynamic campaign creation
2D Barcode Pixinkod and QR code customer Drive to Store

Invite your customers with "Drive to Store"

Go farther than simple geolocation by offering “drive to store” to your marketing target.

This technology lets you plan an itinerary for end users by scanning a Pixinkod.

Give your customers the desire to join you directly in the store.

Reliability above all else

The Pixinkod technology enhances your anti-counterfeiting devices.

Based on a proven effectiveness, Pixinkod ultra graphic flashcodes combines an unprecedented destruction resistance coupled with the sole owner Keykod technology, to enhance and increase security, protection, and ease of use for brands and users communities.

Less time spent on technology choice, gives you more time for contents and customers experiences.
Pixinkod Bear Approved 
2D Barcode Pixinkod and QR code PC and mobile real time statitics

The performance of analysis tools

Pixinkod’s 2D code mobile marketing platform lets you measure your audience in real time and get detailed statistics to help you monitoring communication campaigns through the online interface or mobile devices everywhere in the world.

Because it is better to work on causes than consequences.

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Free "all in one" mobile app

Propose your end users the free mobile app : Pixinkod Barcode and QR code Reader

Able to scan Pixinkods but also all the common 2D and 1D codes, a fast scanner, autonomous, simple, multi-format, universal, available for free downloading on iPhone, iPad and Android.

By proposing Pixinkod Reader, you are doing your users a service, be with them everywhere everytime.

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